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Barcoded Shopping Bags!!

a startup idea shared by Sanchit Chhabra on 06/15/2014

This idea is specific to Retail Industry. Idea is to build Shopping Bags having unique Barcode on it. At time of billing, particular Shopping Bag barcodes (one ore more) will get associated with articles purchased by customer. At time of Customer exit from Retail Store, scanners can be placed to ensure that shopping bag only contains articles in POS transaction. This will act as Anti Theft and will be really helpful for markets like India, wherein Security Guards are required to physically check each and every article along with POS generated bill


Retail Anti Theft

Smart Shopping Bags

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Ankit Shrivastava cofounder India
Toby Daniel cofounder, funding Atlanta, GA
Seb funding, marketing and promotion Ottawa, ON
Vit Ng UI Design Cambodia
Tevin Miller UI designer Kenya
Kutlo Angela Sammy Molefe Interested in launching in my country Botswana
samuel dominique yeah i like to do that and be a cofounder miami

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