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Automated Toll system via image recogntion

a startup idea shared by ADITYA SHAH on 10/02/2018

For toll on an avg a car has to wait for 2 min ,in a long queue ,which accounts to roughly 6 hrs a year and think of several thousand car and the amount of fuel wasted. The idea popped up why not to do automation in this i googled and found out using RFID ,But i saw there are some disadvantages like high cost of RFID TAG ,interference of antennas in RFID in presence of metal. So i thought why not to use image recognition device via fast noving camera detectors and using AI or OCR ,it will recognise the text and then this no plate of vehicle linked directly to bank account ,which will automatically deduct the money from it. This will solve the problem of long queue ,labours required tondo manual job etc

low maintenance cost

Reduction in fuel wastage

time saving

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