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Automated software testing on Azure cloud

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 07/21/2017

The idea is about running in parallel test cases that have already been automated, via free test automation software like Sikuli for example.<br><br> The software tester in the company can automate some tests (using Sikuli or some otherfree image capturing software) and instead of running these tests on his own which can take a lot of time, you use Azure where you can start as many virtual machines as you want (they are very cheap), automatically install the OS you want, company software and run that test case. You can then run 100’s if not 1000’s of testcases in parallel as it is very cheap to create virtual machines in Azure. You can charge for the time taken for each test case for example.<br><br>You can be the company that offers this service. A company gives you the automated test cases they have created along with their software, you install it on their preferred OS in Azure, and happily run these test cases, reporting back the test results directly as they come.

Automated software testing

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