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Augmented Reality Advertising Network

a startup idea shared by Wong Zi Yang on 01/10/2016

Augmented reality is one of the biggest trends growing fast in 2016. One of the most powerful tools I envision with it is building an advertising network that builds on delivering scenario, incentive triggered advertisements based on location. Here's a powerful example of how this advertising network can implemented in a mobile game: 1. The ad-serve network detects that the player is near a registered advertiser, Shop A. This triggers the network to send a signal to the game, which prompts the game to present a mystery scenario. 2. "A mysterious enemy has been detected lurking at location X. Head there to destroy it and earn unique treasures!" 3. Once the user heads to location X, they proceed to battle the enemy and unlock a small portion of the treasure. 4. "You have beaten the enemy and earned XXX gold! You also found some locked treasure. To unlock the treasure, you need a special key! 5. The user, if interested or willing to spend, will be able to purchase the product at the shop to unlock his in-game goods. Find out more about the idea at

advertising network


augmented reality

augmented reality marketing

game advertising

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