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Artificial Intelligence that Walks and Talks

a startup idea shared by Mitali Bhasin on 09/15/2016

Imagine if Siri (Apple's Artificial Intelligence Model) or Cortana (Window's AI model) had a face you designed, could walk in your room and control all the products in your house that run electronically using its own mind...

The future has arrived.

With Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Holograms and Avatar Modelling taking over, this model is simply a culmination of all into one idea.

Using the Artificial Intelligence technology, this product can be given a face you choose for it and through hologram projectors, it will be able to exist virtually in a physical world. Using both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things based technology, it will be a solution to your day to day needs. While it will be able to perform day to day tasks like searching for places for you or answering math questions or simply replying to your hillarious questions, it will also be able to operate each electronically run machine in your home. So, imagine that you put a toast in the toaster, this product will automatically give command to the toaster to pop out the toast, when it is ready. Or get your car in front of you when it senses you have to leave.

This is your future stop.

Artificial Intelligence, avatar, Cortana, Future, Hologram, Internet of things, Siri, start up, tech, technology, Virtual reality

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