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App to promote self control

a startup idea shared by Prithvi BK Panicker on 03/28/2016

In today&apos;s world, we are all connected. &apos;Connected&apos; for sure, but how often do we actually connect with people outside the digital world. The excessive use of various social media and messaging apps have limited our &apos;real-life experiences&apos;. <br>I propose an app that would monitor the time an individual spends on a daily basis on social media apps and messengers(without collecting any private information or the user&apos;s activity, only the time spent). The user can then set daily limits for social and messaging apps usage according to his/her preference. Once the user exceeds the time limit set by him for the day, the app would lock the various social media apps on the device. <br>Email, call or inbuilt messaging services would not be blocked by the app.<br>At the end of a week/month, the user would be able to view the time he saved by not excessively using the said apps. <br>This is only a rough idea of the app.<br>Just thought about it recently. I feel the app would be rewarding in the way that many users would be able to spend more time with people who matter in the real world or doing things they like. I&apos;m 16 and I need help with the execution of the app<br>


App Design

self control

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