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App that suggest menu based on what you have

a startup idea shared by Dan Ishi on 04/05/2012

we have a bunch of apps on how to cook.. this one will use sort of search technology to match the ingredients you have(so u don't have to rush to find things at the shop) and menu's list which can be served with such ingredients in ur kitchen. can also combine with real-time suggestions by other people who is online as well.

online ideas, smart cooking apps

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by Anonymous
Free JAV HENTAI Stream
Free JAV HENTAI Stream
18 months ago
by Anonymous
Epicurious App is free 23 months ago
by Rich Pescatore
Frigo Magic 24 months ago
by Anonymous
Lazy Cooker 25 months ago
by Dosbol Duysekov
Helping you cook better in function of your equipment or what you have in your fridge
28 months ago
by Anonymous
icuiZine 41 months ago
by Anonymous
Find recipes by ingredients
46 months ago
by Anonymous
Check and Cook
Exactly the same idea but already available!
55 months ago
by Anonymous
SuperCook 73 months ago
by Anonymous
There are many sites already using this type of search. One for all is this.
82 months ago
by Sleem
Recipe search by ingredients
Recipepuppy has an app that does this
83 months ago
by Anonymous

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