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App telling visitors of things to do in your area

a startup idea shared by May Hunter on 01/24/2013

An app to find out the best places to go and things to do in a place you're visiting provided by people who live there or have been before. Discover new places you may not find in a traditional "things to do book". This can be international or domestic.

API, app, mobile ideas

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Underground 6 months ago
by Sam Samnah
Cool Cousin 18 months ago
by Anonymous
Sygic Travel 19 months ago
by Anonymous
triploqal 24 months ago
by Anonymous
tripmagic go 28 months ago
by Anonymous
Tripmagic 33 months ago
by Anonymous
Enchanting Sites
Enchanting Sites
33 months ago
by Kiran Kumar Barnana
AirBnB 34 months ago
by Anonymous
Location based cms could help 36 months ago
by Anonymous
Good for local influencers too. Can create account, post fav local apps and get link back to site.
37 months ago
by Anonymous
Manyguide 46 months ago
by Anonymous
Find Near Me
Checkout the Activities tab - it has a list of activities around you. Wonderful app!
47 months ago
by Anonymous
Travelers do 49 months ago
by Anonymous
This idea has been build! Check out "Flinder"
50 months ago
by Anonymous
mind the place 50 months ago
by Anonymous
TripAdvisor 59 months ago
by Anonymous
foursquare 73 months ago
by Anonymous

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