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Anti Bad Breath Product

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 11/18/2014

Who doesn&apos;t hate brushing teeth in the morning/night? <br>Don&apos;t you wish.. u could get rid of bad breath on the go? <br><br>The Invention would be called the Betella! A spray made of Betel Leaf extract! <br><br>Betel Leaf(Piper Betle)- has been known to cause mouth cancer when eating in high quantities!<br><br>But when eaten in small quantites- It&apos;s all good!<br><br> A leaf eaten alone and on random! :)<br><br>In India, its eaten with the Areca Nut( Areca Catechu)- knwn for going together to create Paan! and it too causes mouth cancer! <br><br><br><br>So what if u could take out the main ingredient in the leaf that gives it such a strong smell and taste and make a spray out of it, and also tone the smell down a bit? <br><br>So then u can kill bad breath with it- as it is proven to remove bad breath! <br>




Oral Health

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JATAN DIXIT Area Sales Manager in pharmaceutical Sales Rajasthan (India)

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