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alert a blood donator when sbdy near needs them

a startup idea shared by Lucas Martino on 04/10/2014

When someone needs a donation, all his family and friends share status' in facebook, twitter, mail, etc. What if you could have this app where you create a profile with just your location, blood type and mail, and you'll receive a notification if any of your fb/tw/instagram/whatever contacts is looking for a donator? It would be easier to save lives









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Shakti Singh Mohil software engineer marathahalli , bangalor
Partha Sarathi Ghosh Technical Architecht Kolkata, India
Veerendra Rayudu Project coordinator hyderabad
Satishkumar Chennoju Programmer Analyst Hyderabad
Shiva Programmer Analyst Pennsylvania-USA
Muhammad Shahbaz Android Developer Islamabad, Pakistan
Dhruv Agrawal Developer India

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