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a startup idea shared by darrindickey on 11/21/2012

It's always interesting to hear the backstory on items you find in antique shops or geocaching. The geocoin concept is especially interesting, as coins are moved from cache to cache by players. AdventureCoin is a similar gaming concept, with geocoins being distributed to players, who then take the coin on some adventure before passing it along to another adventurer. A website would keep track of who has had the coin and the adventures on which the coin has been taken, including stories and photos. For instance, a coin may have been taken by one player on a skydiving adventure, another player may have taken the coin on a military tour of Iraq. Maybe another coin accompanied an adventurer who climbed Mt. Everest or an actor who made a movie while carrying the coin. Gamification could be used to encourage players to use and pass on the coins. A possible business model could be a membership fee, or advertising revenues (if a company wanted to sponsor a special AdventureCoin). AdventureCoin Be a part of the experience.




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