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A skills/work marketplace

a startup idea shared by Megan Michaud on 07/07/2014

As someone who's never been able to find a passion in a corporate, 9-5 job, I've been thinking about alternatives to the traditional work model. I believe a lot of people would love to have more flexibility and freedom in their work, and that this is possible with today's crowdsourcing tools. Whether you are starting a startup or project and need skilled worked to be done, or whether you are tired of your 9-5 or just want to make some money in your spare time doing some skilled work or providing expertise, there should be a way to match needs with skills: viola, a skills marketplace where people can share their needs and others can fill them.

When starting a business or a tech startup, some of the biggest challenges are finding funding and cheap, skilled team members or labor in an efficient way to get the project off the ground. Ideally, people could also receive funding for their ideas and find team members for their projects on the marketplace, as well as receive feedback regarding their projects in order to refine their idea. Over time, the project's needs may change, and workers can do a piece of skilled work which may last only a certain amount of time.

crowdsourcing, marketplace, skills, work, working

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