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hamed ghodsi shared this idea 2 years ago

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A Portable gadjet for stopping internal bleeding

a startup idea shared by hamed ghodsi on 12/23/2018

Nowadays there is an increasing trend of accidents and thus there is also a critical need for finding appropriate solutions for saving lives in the emergency situations. One of the most common problems in the accidents is internal bleeding which in many cases is found out too late or can not be treated in the scene. But technology can solve this problem. Due to development of low cost and low power Terahertz imaging system there is a chance for building a portable device which can easily run on batteries and with a screen on it for scanning the body for internal bleeding problems. In addition using laser focusing techniques we can burn the damaged blood vessels as a temporary fix from the top of skin without cutting the body invasively. Anyway this technology may be not mature enough for a real world product but I think it is a promising solution for this problem and saving the people's lives


internal bleeding

Laser focusing

medical devices

Terahertz imaging

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