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A job board for just 'weekend' jobs

a startup idea shared by Rinkie Singh Rathaud on 02/27/2013

I see that there are job boards for freelance jobs and most of the jobs posted on there are for part-time work. I want to make an exclusive job board just for weekend jobs. This will be a crossover between TaskRabbit-LinkedIn-Monster.

job board

job search


social network

weekend jobs

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Haseeb Akhtar Marketing/ Finances D.C.
Craig Lappin-Smith Web Design, Funding Singapore
Samantha Jayasinghe Developer Sri Lanka
Mohtashim Khan Android Developer , UI Designer Sweden
Akshat Goel Web developer, marketing India
Kavita Ganatra anything that suits my profile - email me Mumbai, India
Chintan shah UX | UI Designing Mumbai, India
Subin T P Backend Engineer India
Harshit Jain Android Developer Bangalore,India
Arik Cohen Software Engineer Glendale,CA
Nitesh Ahuja Marketing in Mid West South Bend, IN
ajith product development, conceptualize New Jersey USA
Carl Forrest Data Analyst, Quantitative Marketing, Growth Hacki Washington D.C. / Arlington VA
Andy Pizzabakker Android developer / launching & announcing it the netherlands
Leo Del Mar International Business and Financial Developer Amsterdam
Iñigo Arrarte Launch in Spain (marketing and public relations) Spain
Aman Singh Finance strategy operarations Gurgaon India
Phương Võ Web Developer (, CSS3, HTML5, Salesforce) Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Sittichai Promma Architect & Developer Germany
Federico Silva Ponte Developer Uruguay
Markov Blanket Web/Android Developer Philippines
Jade Ann Fester Management Accountant South Africa
Veronika Steinmetzová Marketing / local launch Czech Republic
Dian Sadulloh SEO Specialist Indonesia
Asiimwe Joshua Developer Uganda
Abhishek Kollipara Android Developer Bangalore
satyanarayan mishra Idea Developer Bangalore
nayab siddiqui web developer Pune, India
udit jain Pre-sales / marketing /strategy development Delhi
Magical web developer europa
Uday Shanbhag Backend developer Bengalore , India

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