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Brian J shared this idea 6 years ago

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A game that helps companies reduce meetings

a startup idea shared by Brian J on 12/23/2016

There are way too many meetings. How many times have you been working, to be called into a meeting you don't need to be in? This is happening all over the country and the world. The Harvard Business Review has found that 50% of meetings are a complete waste, and the other 50% take longer than they need to. Why? Because meetings aren't measured like money. There have been attempts to try to fix this - but they all focus on trying to create better practices (to-do lists, goals for meetings, etc..) My idea is different - it's a game that integrates with outlook, google calendar, and iCalendar to encourage people to schedule and attend less meetings through a point based reward system. Like golf, the lower score the better! We can never reduce all meetings, but a 10% or 25% reduction in meetings for companies means big increases in morale and performance.


business efficiency

business games

business gamification

business performance

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