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a startup idea shared by Al on 06/03/2013

I found this website while doing market research for my own idea and seeing what competition was out there for open source idea generation. I think the general idea of this site is great but it's implementation is flawed in a few key areas. I propose creating a similar site that improves upon this idea by: - Better organizing areas of interest. Rather than providing a search field (if we knew what we were looking for why would be here) emphasizing areas of interest and funneling like minded individuals towards areas of collaboration. - Allowing ideas to evolve organically: Rather than simply having an area for comments on static ideas, allow ideas to branch out from a more general category and teams to organically form as a result. - Creating relationships with startup incubators to develop the top ideas: herein lies the business model: the site could in itself be an incubator of sorts. "Our team" could both contribute to ideas and become active in ideas that interest us. - The key idea is going from the general to the specific. Relating to each user at a higher level and let their interests and skill sets branch to form teams.

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Anne-louise Fyhring Service/product designer Denmark
Bhubesh bhubi web design without using language frameworks tamilnadu india
Danche Nikoloska Junior PHP (Laravel) Developer Skopje, Macedonia
Sabri Cihan Bircan Server side web programming using c# Sql and Js Turkey
k0d3r1s Web Developer Latvia

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