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3rd Person Fighting Arena-Style E-sport game

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 05/03/2018

This idea started when i played a game (mmorpg) that has such amazing action-based PvP that i could easily tell it is one of the most addictive and beautiful to watch Fighting Game, and on top of that, all you need is a keyboard.<br><br>What is this game&apos;s name?<br><br> It is: C9 (Continenth of the Ninth Seal), but the problem is, today the game is poorly managed by the publisher, and people also want a direct approach to competition (that&apos;s why Mobas are so popular now).<br>My idea is: to create a game that has similar combat mechanics, but without rpg aspects, just pure pvp. <br><br>Also, a free to play game with exclusive character skins for cash shop (for profit) and about the skins, we can follow Dota 2&apos;s and Smite examples (the more work that is put on that skin, the more limited and expensive it is) but all of this is just about visuals, without affecting the gameplay.<br><br>Example of C9&apos;s PVP:<br>v=YAaU7LvuwT4<br><br><br><br>The goal: Be the first 3rd person fighting E-sport game in the World, and also the most fun and addicting experience an action fan could get.

Game E-sport PVP Action Competitive Fighting

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