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3D Printing in Jewelry Sector

a startup idea shared by sandesh shetty on 08/20/2014

Hey guys, i have recently found out few problems in jewelry sectors while making jewelries, Goldsmith's still use traditional methods to design jewelries which involves making molds using clay, giving finishing with hand where it lacks design. What if we are able to bring 3D printers into this sector where it prints jewelries within few hours and also it can design highly complex designs within a matter of time. if anybody interested then let me know.

3D printing

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Vishal Vernekar Software Developer Goa, India
Bala Vignesh to interact with customers chennai
Vimal Soni Marketing & Business Development (Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, India)
Shivam Shingla Business Developer panipat/delhi ncr

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