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1 month project. Documentation server

a startup idea shared by Ivan Orlov on 04/12/2015

Let's develop micro services for teams! Looking at the current tendency on the internet makes me think that there is still field to cover. Micro services (APIs) that help other developers. Some of services are really great - like Jira and related projects, but rather expensive, hence not affordable for small companies. My idea is to create micro services that help to start off and easily organise a small team. For starters - Nice looking and easy to use documentation server. I am a lead developer in a small company, and when it got documentation i was lost in tones of projects (wiki, integrations). 90% were old fashion and ugly. Documentation should be fun not a torture. Quick story: As a user i should be able to create an hierarchy of my project, with all necessary categories, code included. I should comment out my code and link it with documentation. (No more boring automatic jsdoc). I am very experienced and ambitious programmer who wishes to create something really useful. First micro service should be complete in one month with open beta testing. If you are interested, please contact. We people, we can chat and share ideas!







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