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We are dedicated to bringing you the webs Finest Entertainment Social Networking Site. There is even, a Companion Magazine to go with the website, named "Artztre" (coming Soon). We covered all bases when we thought about this new business opportunity. We expect our members to network, share, sell, buy, Chat, and explore the core of their talents and artistry with the world. Why should you as an artist just be seen, heard, or known locally? Local is a good start, but to become available to The World, and be seen by a Global Audience is an even greater accomplishment. After Joining you will begin to experience a whole new way to see your art displayed in the eye's and ears of the world. There are always going to be industry professionals from every field here, looking over your profile, and trying to find out "WHO" you are, and "WHAT" you are all about. You may get a role in the next Blockbuster Movie, you could get a Recording Contract, you might Sell a Painting, or a Garment You Designed, you may even become Americas Next Top Model. The opportunities are endless here at You have the option of being Successful, or staying local, or unheard of at all. What choice will you make for your Future? In order for your experience here to be rewarding, you need to bring your "A Game" and nothing less! Make sure you have professional photos of yourself, Professional Ad's & Banners, and a love for your artistry. If you are a singer, group, or band....make sure your music is tight, and your video is even tighter. To all our designers, Quality Workmanship and Garments, are what separates the amateurs from the Name Brands. Models, please be "Professional" in ALL that you do, because "YOU" are your 1st & best representative, start by having a Professional "Comp Card" and profile page. Whatever your Artistry, make sure you give all that you can give, and more. Someone is always going to be watching you, criticizing, admiring, ready to buy, or looking for "That Next Big Thing!" Is that you? Or are you happy being a local sensation? You decide where your future starts, continues, or ends.

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