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timmy philip

Marketing/Healthcare I have seen ideas I had become reality and hope this site will allow me to become part of something bigger or independently. I continue to be an entrepreneur whenever, wherever I can. Dream then make it happen! Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great Indian Mathematician, credited his acumen to his family Goddess, Namagiri of Namakkal. He looked to her for inspiration in his work, and claimed to dream of blood drops that symbolised her male consort, Narasimha, after which he would receive visions of scrolls of complex mathematical content unfolding before his eyes. He often said, "An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God." In today's world, he would be placed in a Psych center accused of delusions and hallucinations. In different time periods, he would be accused of witchcraft. Humans have a lot to learn. I wonder why God did not create a network program to alert him when we mess up and need some 1 on 1 time.

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