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Time barter

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 04/02/2011

Everyone is good at something. How about a website that would allow time barter - I will program 2 hours anything for somebody if he/she helps me for 2 hours with painting my flat. Everyone then can do what he loves and everything gets done.

barter, Help, internet, online ideas, online ideas, service ideas, time

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Social search and time barter
It will ask you for your skills.
10 days ago
by Anonymous
eskişehir web tasarım
web tasarım
3 months ago
by Anonymous
SkillsBarter 6 months ago
by Anonymous
Friv games for kids.
7 months ago
by Anonymous
Simbi 8 months ago
by Anonymous
Avcılar Tabelacı
Tabela çeşitlerimizi sitemizden inceleyebilirsiniz
10 months ago
by Anonymous
Neon Tabela
Neon tabela ve diğer tabela örneklerimizi sitemizden inceleyebilirsiniz
10 months ago
by Anonymous
Psikolog rehberimize gelip kaydolabilirsiniz.
10 months ago
by Anonymous
Yenibosna evden eve nakliyat
Evden eve nakliyat ta yenibosna için arayabilirsiniz.
10 months ago
by Anonymous
Her zaman dürüst hizmet seoda firma kalitesi.
12 months ago
by Anonymous
Exactly this idea.
14 months ago
by Anonymous
Bursa Evden Eve Nakliyat
evden eve nakliyat, evden eve nakliyat bursa, bursa evden eve nakliyat
18 months ago
by Anonymous
Bursa Evden Eve Nakliyat
bursa evden eve nakliyat
18 months ago
by Anonymous
Bursa Evden Eve Nakliyat
bursa evden eve nakliyat, bursa evden eve, bursa evden eve taşımacılık
18 months ago
by Anonymous
paykasa kart
paykasa satış
19 months ago
by Anonymous
otopay kart satış ve bozdurma
19 months ago
by Anonymous
Astropay kart al
Astropay Card ödeme konusunda size kimsenin sağlayamayacağı bir güvenlik sağlayacaktır.
19 months ago
by Paykasa Kart Al
Trade anything 26 months ago
by Anonymous
Eternally Wealthy: We are all Billionaires
Recieve a Billion "Eternally Wealthy Rubies" to trade for goods and services.
28 months ago
by Stewart McClintock
This exact time barter has recently been developed by a promising team in NYC. Fall 2014.
32 months ago
by Anonymous
Barter Software
Listings and trade credits, can be used to setup a timebank.
32 months ago
by omni kneeland
It's a social network of time exchange. Pretty much the same as described
39 months ago
by Anonymous
Make your hobby to profitable business.
I'm CEO of this project
49 months ago
by Rostyslav Malenko
Online trade ads where cash is not always a king!
Found interesting
50 months ago
by Anonymous 55 months ago
by Anonymous
WH started as something similar, but focused on web design/dev skills
65 months ago
by Peter Backx
Site working on this problem in Seattle
79 months ago
by Anonymous

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