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Communication App For Tenants/Landlords

a startup idea shared by AR on 01/10/2013

Overview: Create convenience/communication features for tenants and landlords/property managers via mobile app

Target: Apartment Rental buildings, Real Estate Management Companies. There are currently similar software but for larger/more sophisticated buildings. I am talking about smaller scale here.

Use Cases:
A) Report Maintenance Issues
B) Make Complaints/Safety Reminders
C) Bill Pay and Rent Reminder
D) Contracts, Lease Renewal, Lease Terms and Length
E) Package Notifications
F) Utilities
F) Emergency Info.
G) Bulletin Board
H) Visual Laundry (optional and can be a separate app)

Revenue: Offer a freemium model with basic features for free. Add ons could be bill pay, cloud storage, laundry app, etc. Advertisement could come from local businesses and upgrade version. Could also allow local business to push deals/coupons within a certain geographic area

apartment, Lease, Rental, saas

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Innago LLC
Cloud-based property management software for small-to-mid-sized landlords
1 month ago
by Anonymous
FreshRenter 3 months ago
by Anonymous
Rentpost 4 months ago
by Anonymous
simple sms? 5 months ago
by Anonymous
download mobdro on Android oreo
Mobdro app download to your Android Mobile to watch live tv stations from across globe
5 months ago
by Anonymous
Territorial Community Management Systems
Awesome service
6 months ago
by Anonymous
Heylandlord 8 months ago
by Anonymous
they saying its a The Best Property Management Platform on the Planet
13 months ago
by babak jahangiri
Skyrise 14 months ago
by Anonymous
Cozy 19 months ago
by Anonymous
App already exits
23 months ago
by Anonymous
Rentomato 33 months ago
by Anonymous
similar project 52 months ago
by Anonymous
Buildinglink 57 months ago
by Anonymous

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