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City parking finder

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 04/01/2011

It's really frustrating trying to find a free place to park in the middle of the city. Would be great to have a mobile app that could show you free spots around. Could be based on public webcams, data from parking lots or maybe people can somehow show click in the app they are leaving the spot so someone else can come. Tough to keep it real time though.

app, city, find, mobile ideas, parking

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zapya for pc
Zapya is also for a sharing application
3 months ago
by Anonymous
Vidmate in pc
Everyone is tired of working routinely throughout the day
3 months ago
by Anonymous
Find parking spots shared easily by other app users plus more features.
9 months ago
by Anonymous
parking 9 months ago
by Anonymous
uses people power here ! users hold spots for each other
10 months ago
by Leo Bogod
Iparko 10 months ago
by Anonymous
Similar Idea 12 months ago
by Anonymous
Android and IOS
23 months ago
by Anonymous
Spotpog 32 months ago
by Anonymous
NaVia Street Parking App
Free parking spots is the major concern of this App, without having to count on other users'
39 months ago
by Anonymous
Cheap parking near airport and city center. Availible as App (iOS and Android)
42 months ago
by Anonymous
Carambla 53 months ago
by Anonymous
include parking lots and on street spots, based on crowd sourcing algorithm.
61 months ago
by Anonymous
Bepark - The parking community
Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg only for the moment
63 months ago
by Anonymous
Parkwhiz 78 months ago
by Anonymous
Google Open Spot 82 months ago
by Anonymous

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