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Application for recording your goals and habits

a startup idea shared by MartinJanda on 07/21/2011

Web applications where you choose or you create your goal or habit and you will record your progress. You can discuss it with others who share the same goal and to support each other. Alternatively, they can be coaches, who will advise you and motivate you.

, app, goal, goals, habit, habits, health, learning, online ideas, online ideas, online ideas, service ideas, social

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An existing website/app that does pretty much the same thing.
13 days ago
by Anonymous
rapidgator paypal 5 months ago
by Anonymous
6 months ago
by Anonymous
Netizenpos 10 months ago
by Anonymous
Keep your resolutions - Set new goals, define daily habits you need to achieve your goals.
11 months ago
by Anonymous
build business online with 60000Rs. 14 months ago
by Anonymous
Passiontrack 17 months ago
by Anonymous
Habit Forge 21 months ago
by Anonymous
24 free tools to help you build strong habits
I am the developer of the last one. Some of these are really good!
24 months ago
by Anonymous
exactly same :)
30 months ago
by Anonymous
not same same but a first step
41 months ago
by Anonymous
Get your tasks done socially 55 months ago
by Anonymous
Wishbomb 67 months ago
by Anonymous

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