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Application for recording your goals and habits

a startup idea shared by MartinJanda on 07/21/2011

Web applications where you choose or you create your goal or habit and you will record your progress. You can discuss it with others who share the same goal and to support each other. Alternatively, they can be coaches, who will advise you and motivate you.

, app, goal, goals, habit, habits, health, learning, online ideas, online ideas, online ideas, service ideas, social

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On progress...
I am creating a mobile app that learn about you to tell you what to do (join me now!)
1 hour ago
by Vincent Guezou
Free Demo of the above click here 11 days ago
by Anonymous
Record Your Goals & Habits Clisk Here 21 days ago
by Anonymous
Habit Forge 1 month ago
by Anonymous
Doober is a mobile app that makes it easier to: Dream Discover Do
3 months ago
by Anonymous
24 free tools to help you build strong habits
I am the developer of the last one. Some of these are really good!
4 months ago
by Anonymous
Rewire - Habit & Goal Tracker 4 months ago
by Anonymous
It's on Google Play and on F-Droid. Also, it's open source.
5 months ago
by Anonymous
in production
9 months ago
by Anonymous
exactly same :)
10 months ago
by Anonymous
not same same but a first step
21 months ago
by Anonymous
iOS App
29 months ago
by Anonymous
Get your tasks done socially 35 months ago
by Anonymous
Wishbomb 47 months ago
by Anonymous

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